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Shipping Pets To Costa Rica

Shipping Pets to Costa Rica: A Guide to Relocating Furry Friends

Heading to Costa Rica with your pets can be a thrilling time for you both. Yet, shipping them here needs careful thought and following some rules. As their owner, you must know the right steps and requirements for a smooth move. This guide shares info and tips to keep your pet’s move to Costa Rica comfy and easy.

Key Takeaways

  • Shipping pets to Costa Rica means sticking to certain rules like having the right health certificates and vaccinations.
  • You might pay between $200 and $400 to bring your pets here. Plus, there are different ways they can travel.
  • Getting ready well, like teaching your pet to stay in a crate and making sure they’re microchipped, is key.
  • Know how to get through the airport and customs in Costa Rica, which have their own set of rules.
  • Listening to advice from those in the know, considering your pet’s age and checking for any breed rules, all help in moving your pet successfully to Costa Rica.

Why Relocate Pets to Costa Rica?

Moving pets to Costa Rica is a thrilling journey for all. This country is a pet paradise, with stunning nature, a lovely climate, and areas that welcome pets. Your four-legged friends get to see new places and enjoy the pretty views with you.

Exciting Adventure for Furry Companions

Your pets will love Costa Rica’s variety of places. They can hike in the hills or bask in the sun on the beaches. The sights and sounds of this country will make your pets’ lives full and amazing.

Welcoming Environment for Pets

The Costa Rican people love pets like family. They have many spots for pets, from parks to beaches, and great vet care. This kind setting helps your pets feel at home and happy during their adventure with you.

Understanding Costa Rica’s Pet Import Regulations

When you want to ship your pet to Costa Rica, make sure you know the rules. Knowing these rules keeps your pet safe. It also helps avoid any problems when your pet arrives.

Rabies Vaccination Certificate Requirements

Your pet must have a rabies shot within the last year but at least 30 days before going. This shot has to be given by a vet.

Additional Vaccination Requirements

Other shots might be needed based on where you’re flying from or airline rules. Be sure to ask both your airline and Costa Rican officials what else your pet needs.

Veterinarian Health Certificate

Not more than two weeks before travel, a vet needs to check your pet’s health. They’ll give you a certificate that shows your pet is healthy to fly.

Copy of Pet Owner’s Passport

When bringing your pet to Costa Rica, you should also have a copy of your passport. Officials might ask for it as well.

Pet import regulations

Preparing Your Pet for Travel

Getting your pet ready for the trip to Costa Rica is crucial. It’s important for their comfort and well-being. Starting with crate training is a big step. It helps them feel safe and calm during travel.

Crate Training for Comfort and Safety

Starting crate training weeks or months before the trip is a good idea. Start slow by putting treats and favorite toys inside. This helps your pet see the crate as a good place, not a scary one.

Microchipping for Identification

Making sure your pet is microchipped is also important. It helps keep them safe and can identify them if they get lost. A microchip under the skin holds information so authorities or groups can find you if your pet wanders off.

Shipping Pets to Costa Rica

Thinking about sending your pet to Costa Rica? It’s key to look into travel choices that match your pet’s needs. You might have a little dog fit for the cabin or a bigger one that needs cargo. There are many choices out there.

Options for In-Cabin, Checked, and Cargo Transport

Smaller pets like dogs and cats might find the in-cabin option handy. They could fly with you inside the passenger area. Yet, there are rules about size and weight. Your pet must also stay in a durable, airline-approved carrier during the flight. Bigger pets might have to go as checked baggage or through the cargo, but these options have their own rules to ensure your pet’s comfort and safety.

Airline Pet Policies and Regulations

Every airline comes with its rules on pets, like limits on size and weight, fees, and needed papers. It’s a must to look into what your airline requires before you book your pet’s trip to Costa Rica. Airlines might have their say on certain breeds or add extra steps for the welfare and safety of pets.

Professional Pet Relocation Services

If you want a smooth, worry-free move for your pet, consider a professional pet moving service. These experts know all about moving pets internationally. They can help with everything, from getting the papers right to setting up your pet’s trip. They offer great advice on what you need for sending your pet to Costa Rica.

pet travel

Cost Considerations for Pet Relocation

Shipping pets to Costa Rica means looking at several costs and details. The price to move a pet there usually falls between $200 and $400. This amount depends on the pet’s size, the airline you pick, and any extra services needed.

All pets going to Costa Rica must have a rabies shot and a health certificate. Dogs need shots for distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, and parvovirus. Cats should have shots for feline panleukopenia, calicivirus, and rhinotracheitis. Make sure the health certificate is from within the last 14 days of travel.

Pet owners need to include a copy of their passport with their pets’ paperwork. The cost of sending pets to Costa Rica changes based on the pet’s size, weight, and the airline you choose.

You can move your pets in different ways, like in the cabin, as checked baggage, or through cargo. This choice depends on the pet’s size and the airline’s rules. Also, think about which airports in Costa Rica allow pet entry and the local transportation options.

To make moving your pets to Costa Rica easier, consider hiring pet relocation companies. These experts can help handle legal rules and solve logistics issues. Their help could make the move smoother and less stressful for both you and your pets.

pet relocation cost

Navigating Airport and Customs Procedures

When bringing pets to Costa Rica, choose either Juan Santamaria Airport or Daniel Oduber Airport. Both places have rules and steps for pets to pass through customs and immigration.

Juan Santamaria Airport

Juan Santamaria Airport is in Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose. There’s a special spot here for dealing with pets. Make sure you bring needed papers like a rabies shot proof, a health check, and any others required by the officials.

Daniel Oduber Airport

In the city of Liberia’s northwestern part, you’ll find Daniel Oduber Airport. It, too, has a special place for pets. Just like Juan Santamaria, you must show the right documents to the airport’s people.

Required Documentation

Important papers to have for your pet to enter Costa Rica include:

  • A valid rabies vaccination certificate from a vet
  • A health certificate by an approved vet within 14 days of travel
  • A copy of the pet owner’s passport

Having these documents ready and following the airport’s steps helps smoothly get your pet through customs and immigration when coming to Costa Rica.

Airport customs

Tips for a Successful Pet Relocation

Making sure your pet’s move to Costa Rica goes well takes some work. You’ll need to plan carefully and think about many things. Follow these tips to make the journey easy and enjoyable for your furry friend.

Consult Your Veterinarian

Start by talking to your vet before you go. They’ll give you advice on your pet’s health needs and shots for Costa Rica. They can also help you get your pet ready for the trip.

Consider Pet’s Age and Health

Your pet’s age and wellness are key when moving them to Costa Rica. Older animals or those with health issues may need special care during travel. Your vet will tell you if your pet is fit for the journey and what extra care they might need.

Breed Restrictions

Costa Rica has rules about which dog and cat breeds can come in. Make sure to check these rules before you go ahead with your plans. Some breeds might need more things done or could be kept out. Knowing these rules lets you prepare better.

pet import regulations

Resources for Assistance and Support

If you’re not sure how to ship a pet to Costa Rica, some groups and sources can help. They offer expert advice and support for a smooth relocation.

Costa Rica Immigration Experts (CRIE)

The Costa Rica Immigration Experts (CRIE) help people with immigration, including bringing pets. They give advice on documents, rules, and steps for your pet’s move to Costa Rica.

Professional Pet Relocation Companies

Many companies focus on moving pets internationally. They know Costa Rica’s pet import rules well. They can manage everything from travel to meeting local laws for you.

Costa Rican Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

The Costa Rican Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock oversees pet import. They offer the latest rules, document needs, and other updates. They help in getting your pet to Costa Rica.

pet relocation resources


Moving with your pets to Costa Rica is exciting, but it needs good planning and following the country’s rules. Know the papers you need, the vaccines, and how to get your pets there. This makes the journey easier for your furry friends.

Planning to move your pets at least six weeks before you arrive in Costa Rica is wise. This gives you time to get everything ready. You’ll need help from vets and pet movers to manage the details of traveling with pets.

By prepared and getting help, moving to Costa Rica with pets is possible. The steps and help in this guide will help you bring your pets on a fun journey. In Costa Rica, you and your pets will make great memories. For more help, check out the CRIE website.


What are the requirements for shipping pets to Costa Rica?

To send pets to Costa Rica, make sure they’re vaccinated for rabies. Also, they need recent vaccination records and a health certificate from a vet. You must have a copy of your passport too.

How can I prepare my pet for the journey to Costa Rica?

Training your pet to be comfortable in a crate is key. Also, consider getting them microchipped for easy identification.

What are the different options for shipping pets to Costa Rica?

Your options include in-cabin, checked, or cargo transport. Choose what’s best based on your pet’s size and needs. Remember to check with airlines for their specific rules on pet transport.

How much does it cost to ship a pet to Costa Rica?

Shipping costs can range from 0 to 0. The final price depends on the size, weight, and any extra services your pet needs.

Where can I import pets into Costa Rica?

Pets can enter through the Juan Santamaria or Daniel Oduber Airport. Each airport has its own rules for bringing pets in. Make sure you check their requirements.

What tips can you provide for a successful pet relocation to Costa Rica?

First, talk to your vet. Think about your pet’s age and health needs. Also, research any rules about bringing in specific dog or cat breeds. Hiring professionals can also make things easier.

Where can I find resources for assistance with shipping pets to Costa Rica?

Reach out to Costa Rica’s immigration experts (CRIE) and pet relocation companies. The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock can also offer guidance.

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